By Susan Shachter, MSRDN (Nutritionist)
March 22, 2017


Everyone has self-discipline sometimes. 

But, no one has it all of the time! If what tempts you is in your home, work or car, it probably calls your name … maybe even out loud! 

I LOVE bread pudding. Do I sometimes eat it? Sure! When I’m in a restaurant, I might share a serving with my husband. That’s because I’m human … and as with most humans, food is a pleasure. 

Do I keep bread pudding in my environment, though? NO. NO. NO! If I do, it will call my name at all times of the day. Worse, if I’m tired, hungry, upset or I just see or smell it … I will cave in and eat it! 

What’s the answer? Environmental control. We want to keep out the foods and beverages that trigger us and bring in the ones that support our good health. You’ve heard of “out of sight = out of mind”? Well, this one is “out of sight = out of bloodstream".

Excess weight that we carry around can stress our circulatory system in its effort to supply blood to all of the tissues and organs we need to live a healthy life. The same is true for excess inches around our waist. This can create tension in our blood vessels and cause high blood pressure.

What’s too much weight around your waist?

   • Men: Waist measurement of 40 inches or greater*

   • Women: Waist measurement of 35 inches or greater*

(*This may skew to a lower number being a negative impact dependent on ethnicity)

Moreover, extra pounds may also affect breathing while we sleep, which can raise our blood pressure.

There’s no reason to fret, though. If you have high blood pressure and your weight is higher than what is recommended for your age, height, and gender, eight different studies have shown that losing as little as 11 pounds can decrease your systolic pressure by more than 4 points and diastolic by 3 points! Soak that in! 

Does that motivate you to take action? 

Great! So, what can we do to support our efforts for healthy weight maintenance to decrease our BP (that stands for Blood Pressure and not Bread Pudding)?

One EXTREMELY self-supportive element is ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL.

You know which high sodium, high calorie, high unhealthy fat, high sugar foods and beverages undermine your healthy weight and healthy blood pressure efforts. TAKE THEM OUT OF YOUR HOME, WORK, AND CAR!

You know from previous 120/Life™ Circulatory entries which healthy blood pressure and healthy weight-supporting foods and beverages to BRING INTO YOUR ENVIRONMENT!

Drink Your Reds! ... And Eat Your Greens!

Here’s To Your Health!


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